‘Operation D-57’ Yields 180 Arrests in Louisiana

Drugs worth more than $228,000, 60 weapons, and more than $21,000 in cash were seized

Drugs worth more than $228,000, 60 weapons, and more than $21,000 in cash were seized and 180 people were arrested during “Operation D-57,” a multi-organizational undercover investigation that stretched across Central and Northwest Louisiana. The operation was named for the LSP unit number of fallen Senior Trooper Steven Vincent and certainly did his memory justice given the scope and range of the investigation.

Colonel Kevin Reeves is the state police superintendent. He said, “State Police is fully engaged in and committed to eradicating the illegal use and sale of narcotics in our communities. This is a great example of what happens when law enforcement agencies work together. The community should be proud of the outstanding job performed by these men and women from every agency involved in Operation D-57.”

Wakeup Call

Though most people in active addiction view law enforcement as a threat, the fact is that getting arrested or losing a friend or connection to a large-scale investigation such as this can actually be a positive. It is a stark reminder that law enforcement is relentless in its pursuit of removing illicit substances from the street and finding fugitives from the law who have manufactured, distributed, or sold drugs. For those who are engaging in these behaviors as part of an ongoing struggle with addiction, an investigation such as this can serve as a wakeup call: If you weren’t the target today, it might be you next time – if overdose doesn’t strike first.

Acting on the Impetus for Change

A big drug bust, a near-death experience due to overdose, the loss of a friend to overdose or accident under the influence – the longer you stay in active addiction, the more red flag events like these will pop up. Work hard to avoid becoming desensitized to tragedy. These events are life’s way of letting you know you are in danger and it is time to make a change. They can serve as the catalyst for revolution in your life and ultimately turn out to be the first step toward your new life in recovery.

Acting on the initial impulse to make changes is key. For many, it is the most difficult step in the entire process, but technically, it is the simplest thing possible. All you have to do is pick up the phone.

Ask Questions

Many people start their search for a new life in recovery with their doctor. Whether you go to a free clinic or have a primary care physician who you have seen for years, a medical professional should be able to answer your basic questions about what addiction is and help you determine the best course of treatment.

For many, the question is not whether or not they need treatment but what kind of treatment will be most effective. It is a good question, and a solid place to start in the process of determining how best to proceed. As you look for the right treatment program for you, it is important to remember that:

  • Everyone is different. There is no single standard when it comes to what will help you overcome addiction. Your best option is to choose a customizable treatment program that will allow you to alter and adjust the therapies and treatments you engage with based on your needs.
  • It’s a good idea to start out with a full evaluation. Though drug use and abuse are putting you at risk, there are usually undiagnosed mental health disorders and possibly physical ailments as well that are contributing to your use of illicit substances. The only way to know for sure is to start treatment with a full evaluation and assessment.
  • You should have a voice in your recovery. While it is important to trust your treatment team, they cannot work effectively without hearing from you about your past experiences with treatment, the challenges you are currently facing, and your hopes and dreams for the future.
  • Treatment is more than just stopping use of drugs. Only physical addiction is addressed with medical detox. Most of treatment and years of follow-up care are focused on helping you to stabilize in recovery and learn new methods of coping with whatever comes your way.

Are you ready to connect with a treatment program that can help you build a new life for yourself in recovery?

Since joining the Townsend content team, Shlomo has become a thought leader in the addiction field. He is a Seinfeld junkie, a recovering Twitter fanatic, and a sports expert. He enjoys milk shakes and beautiful views from rooftops.