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About Us

Serving the greater New Orleans area and beyond

A unique hospital based detox and residential program that is focused on the needs and unique circumstances of each individual. The contemporary facility has a youthful decor and vibe removing the barrier of institutionalized treatment. Truly a one-of-a-kind facility with a one-of-a-kind medical and clinical team.

What We Do

Townsend is located in the heart of New Orleans and is truly a one of a kind facility. Our primary focus is on medical stabilization and our residential clinical treatment program, rebuilding clients throughout the stages, from helplessness through stability.

At Townsend, we treat the whole person – body, mind, and spirit, you will receive personalized care in a clean, modern, hotel-like setting. Life skills, wellness, nutrition, social acceptance, financial responsibilities, and family values are all key components of our treatment plans.

As our clients progress so does the individualized care. Our clinical team will work one on one with every patient to ensure that their stay is continued, and extended treatment is a primary focus!

Who We Are

Townsend offers the most patient-centered clinical treatment available. The Townsend team is acutely qualified for the most at risk and vulnerable, staffed with a full-time physician, nurses, and licensed counselors. Our Medical Director takes great pride in her ability to customize care plans from the complex to the beginner, and include Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) like Vivitrol and Subutex in our treatment methodology. The case management team will address any legal, family, or FMLA complications, and most of all focus on extended aftercare.


The one-word describing Townsend is “Family” a complete family feel among peers, family appropriate quality of clinical care, family style housing and meals, and family involvement and satisfaction throughout.


Townsend is located on the 5th floor of New Orleans East Hospital, a state-of-the-art brand-new facility built in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Our 36 bed facility is composed of semi private rooms and baths with a clean and contemporary feel. Medical Detox focuses on withdrawal management, craving stabilization, and psychiatric imbalances to prepare the patient to begin residential clinical treatment. Residential treatment offers the opportunity to engage clinically and comprehend the dimensions of this disease and its repercussions.


- Individual Therapy Sessions
- Group Therapy Sessions
- Family and Couple Sessions
- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
- Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
- Immersive 12-Step Programming
- Yoga and Outdoor Activities
- Psychiatric Care
- Medical Care
- MAT including Vivitrol and Subutex Onsite

Admission Assessments

- Health History
- Medical Stability
- Psychological
- Psychiatric Evaluation
- Social Adaptiveness
- Insurance Verification
- Financial Responsibility


- Clean and contemporary accommodations
- Gourmet catered meals
- Local transportation12-step meetings
- Fun evening and weekend activities
- Recreational facilities
- Fitness instruction

Accepted Insurance List


Townsend in New Orleans offers the most patient-centered clinical treatment available.

The Townsend team is acutely qualified for the most at risk and vulnerable, staffed with a full-time physician, and licensed counselors. Our case managers will address any legal, family, or FMLA complications, and most of all focus on workforce reentry.

Matt Engler

Regional Executive

Matthew Engler is the Regional Executive Director for Avenues Recovery of Louisiana. After having grown up in Destrehan, Louisiana, Matthew joined the military where he spent his enlistment in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Upon getting sober he ultimately began working in the substance abuse treatment industry. He started his career as a Behavioral Health Technician and moved throughout multiple departments working multiple positions which gave him a wholistic understanding of what the clients need and how to best serve them. Matthew is a loving father to two young boys.

He and his children spend their time fishing, camping, and enjoying the outdoors. Matthew believes in and exhibits his core values of family, hard work, dedication, and commitment.

Through his work, Matthew hopes to have an impact on addiction, treatment, and recovery for the suffering addict and those close to them. His biggest passion in the workplace is to identify entry level employees as top-level leaders and aid them in the path to becoming that leader.

Rachel Alter

Marketing Director

In my role as Marketing Director at Avenues Recovery Center, I combine my love of people and my passion for addiction recovery to make a difference.

Our marketing team is the mouthpiece through which our mission at Avenues Recovery is articulated, and our vision expressed. Our staff devotes their creativity, empathy, and love, to build people and change lives.

Our job is to illustrate those efforts in full color. My day is occupied with thinking of new ideas, setting goals, directing projects and most importantly, empowering my team to succeed with their specific skillsets, and doing everything I can to make their jobs fulfilling.

There are a multitude of moving pieces, and I am learning when it is ok to leave something for tomorrow. It is difficult, but I am improving, I promise!

Marketing is my passion but being a wife and mother is my biggest source of pride. “Juggle the job, delegate, and assign, but always be there to celebrate the joys of the people you love most,” are words I try my darndest to live by.

When I am not obsessing over the next big idea, I can be found at home with the family, traveling, or in my favorite place on earth, our summer spot in South Haven, Michigan.

Farrar Tingle, MBA

Regional Director

Farrar Tingle, MBA, is the Executive Director at Avenues Recovery Center of Louisiana – Townsend.  She received her Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University in 2000 and in 2002 she completed a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of New Orleans.     

Farrar has been with Avenues Recovery for over 5 years, has worked at 3 of our Louisiana locations, and has excelled in a variety of roles since coming onboard. She started in the Resident Staff department and worked in Intake, Admissions, and Operations before ultimately promoted to Executive Director. Farrar also has experience in the nonprofit industry, including managing a local parish trade organization and working for both universities which awarded her degrees – LSU and UNO.

On a personal note, Farrar entered recovery in 2016 and now works with many of the staff who helped her get sober at Addiction Recovery Resources.  She believes that if it were not for substance abuse treatment and Alcoholics Anonymous, she would not be alive today.  Thus, Farrar is highly invested in helping patients get the help they desperately need.

Dr. Susan Julius, MD

Regional Medical Director

Susan Julius, MD, ABAM, ABFM, AAMRO, Medical Director, is a clinician, speaker, and teacher. She is board certified in Family and Addiction Medicine, as well as Physical Therapy, and holds a special degree in urine drug testing analysis.

Dr. Julius studied Physical Therapy at Cleveland State University and attended Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, in Cleveland, Ohio. She trained for two years in General Surgery, at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana and completed a Family Practice residency at Ochsner Foundation Hospital, in Jefferson, Louisiana.

Dr. Julius incorporated her background in these areas, along with her understanding of the biology of addiction and her personal journey in recovery, to treat patients and families with this disease for over ten years.

She worked at Choices of Louisiana, a Methadone clinic, in La Place, Louisiana and was Medical Director for the City of New Orleans Homeless Clinic, and Townsend Clinic, in Lake Charles and Baton Rouge. Currently, she is the Medical Director at Townsend Recovery Center, in New Orleans.

Dr. Julius has been an expert consultant and keynote speaker for American Addiction Centers and was featured on NBC News, Fox News, Baton Rouge Business Report, and New Orleans Happy Hour Podcast.

She worked with the New Orleans Re-entry Program and is active in AA and served on the Local Action Committee for International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous.

She is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Medical Association, and the American Association of Medical Review Officers. She lives in New Orleans with her husband and three dogs, and loves to swim, garden and operate her vacation rental.

Robert R Fezekas II

Clinical Director

Robert R Fezekas II has been working in the field of addiction and mental health for over 10 years. His passion for working with those who suffer with substance abuse disorders stems from his own journey of recovery!

After completing treatment in 2009 he immediately entered college at Southern University at New Orleans where he graduated with honors with both his bachelor’s of science in Substance Abuse and masters degree in social work.

Rob has had various roles throughout his career such as: recovery support staff, counselor, Director of IOP, Director of Social Services, and now Clinical Director here at Avenue’s. He has worked closely with multiple court systems and veterans affairs to customize evidence based programming to best treat their clients.

Within his community in St Bernard Parish he works closely with the community leaders to advocate for prevention, treatment, and recovery resources through a non profit group he helped founded St Bernard Recovery Awareness. Robert believes that every client has the potential to recover and looks forward to working with every client that enters our Avenue’s Facility!

Julie Batt

Clinical Supervisor

Julie Batt, originally from Metairie, Louisiana, is a dedicated Clinical Supervisor with a strong background in mental health counseling. Her educational journey led her to the University of New Orleans (UNO), where she earned a B.Sc in Psychology, and later to Our Lady of Holy Cross College, where she attained her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Julie's professional accolades include being a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a National Certified Counselor (NCC). Her career focus and specialty lie in trauma and sexual abuse counseling, and she brings a unique perspective to addiction treatment. Trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Julie recognized the vital need for trauma-informed care within substance abuse treatment.

Outside of her career, Julie enjoys a fulfilling personal life. She is married and has two children who bring joy and balance to her life. Her interests include tennis, travel, and the thrill of rollercoasters. These hobbies provide her with a well-rounded perspective on life, complementing her passion for helping individuals on their journey to recovery.

Rachell Price Montross

Nurse Manager

Rachell Price-Montross, originally from Marrero, Louisiana, now calls Slidell, Louisiana, her home. Her educational path led her through River Parish Community College for her LPN, Pearl River Community College for her ADN, and finally, Capella University, where she earned her BSN.

Rachell's career choice was deeply influenced by her upbringing in a community affected by addiction. Witnessing the struggles of loved ones ignited her passion for addiction treatment. Since 2014, she has been a substance abuse nurse, firm in her belief that addiction deserves the same non-stigmatized care as other diseases.

In the spring, Rachell plans to further her education at Herzing University to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). Outside of work and studies, she enjoys family time with her husband, Lance Montross, and their three children - Amaiya, Wesley, and Kylinn Jones. Rachell's life is a balance of dedication to her profession and cherishing her family, complemented by her love for travel, makeup, fashion, cooking, and crafting.

Brandie Smith

Nurse Practitioner

Brandie Smith, hailing from Destrehan, Louisiana, is a Nurse Practitioner with a remarkable commitment to addiction treatment. She pursued her education at Southeastern Louisiana University, earning a BA in Nursing and later a Masters in Nursing.

Brandie's journey in the field of addiction treatment is driven by her passion for making a profound difference in people's lives. She relishes the opportunity to help individuals overcome addiction, viewing it as a chance to bring about lasting positive change. What sets her apart is her determination to find innovative approaches to addiction treatment, going beyond the standard practices often seen in detox centers.

In her words, "I love a good challenge." When faced with patients who have struggled with previous treatment programs and seem resistant to conventional medications, Brandie takes it upon herself to discover alternative solutions. Her unwavering dedication to finding the right approach for each individual underscores her commitment to their well-being.

Outside of her professional life, Brandie shares a fulfilling personal life with her husband and best friend, Matt, along with their three beautiful children: 7-year-old twin girls, Avery and Emerson, and their 6-year-old son, Luke. Their household is also home to Rigley, their faithful dog, and Mila, their cat. Despite their busy schedule filled with sports and dance activities, the family cherishes weekends spent camping together. Brandie's dreams include exploring destinations like Italy, Fiji, or Bora Bora, reflecting her love for travel and adventure.

Noel Miles

Primary Counselor

Noel Miles, a dedicated Primary Counselor, calls the vibrant city of New Orleans home. His educational journey took him to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he pursued his undergraduate studies. Noel's academic pursuits didn't stop there, as he continued to expand his knowledge by earning a Masters of Education degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Masters of Counseling from the University of New Orleans (UNO).

Currently working as a Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor (PLPC) on the path towards becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Noel's career is driven by his deep passion for participating in people's mental health journeys.

He finds immense fulfillment in witnessing individuals embark on a path of self-awareness and personal growth, helping them become the versions of themselves they aspire to be. As someone who has been in recovery for 12 years, Noel can empathize with the clients he serves, providing them with valuable insights and support on their own recovery journeys.

In his personal life, Noel shares his home in New Orleans with Alice, his beloved pup and companion. While he spent 12 years in North Carolina, his heart now belongs to the vibrant culture of New Orleans.

He enjoys various pastimes, including fishing, watching the Saints play, strumming his guitar, and exploring mountainous landscapes through his love for travel. Noel's candidness extends to his strong preference for a child-free lifestyle, allowing him to fully embrace his chosen pursuits and passions.

Chad Willis

Primary Counselor

Hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, Chad Willis is a dedicated Primary Counselor specializing in addiction treatment. Although he hasn't obtained formal degrees, he has amassed approximately 140 college credit hours in addiction studies and commercial music management from Austin Community College and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Chad is currently working towards obtaining CCS credentials with the state of Louisiana, demonstrating his commitment to providing top-notch care to individuals facing substance use disorders.

His career choice stems from a deep understanding of how addiction can alter individuals' lives. He's passionate about helping people regain their true selves and believes that those with substance use disorders are not the problem but rather have a treatable problem. Chad is equally dedicated to supporting families in navigating the challenges of the recovery process.

Outside of his professional life, Chad finds creative fulfillment in music, enjoys live performances, and finds tranquility in surf fishing. He's also an avid traveler, relishing the opportunity to explore different cultures and broaden his perspective.

Langley Laporte

Primary Counselor

Hailing from Kenner, Louisiana, Langley Laporte is a dedicated Primary Counselor with a strong commitment to mental health and addiction treatment. Her educational journey led her through the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for her undergraduate degree and the University of New Orleans, where she earned her Master of Education degree in clinical mental health counseling.

Langley's academic accomplishments include a Bachelor of Sciences degree in psychology and her ongoing pursuit of becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Louisiana, currently holding the status of a Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor (PLPC).

Her career choice was guided by a deep-seated desire to help others and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues, including addiction. Langley believes that every individual deserves a welcoming and accepting environment to address their goals, personal growth, empowerment, and overall life satisfaction. In her therapeutic approach, she employs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness Practices, Solution-Focused Approaches, Motivational Interviewing, and more to meet each client where they are on their journey towards healing and positive change.

Outside of her profession, Langley embraces life with a love for travel, recently experiencing the beauty of France in a memorable trip visiting three cities. In her leisure time, she immerses herself in the world of psychological thriller novels, and she shares her life with a beloved canine companion named Lucy. Langley's diverse interests reflect her well-rounded approach to both her personal and professional life.

Jacquelle Warren

Primary Counselor

Jacquelle Warren, a dedicated Primary Counselor, proudly calls New Orleans, Louisiana, her hometown. Her educational journey has been a testament to her commitment to helping others, beginning with her undergraduate studies at Southern University at New Orleans, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She further honed her expertise through graduate studies at the University of Holy Cross, where she achieved a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Jacquelle's educational journey doesn't end there, as she is currently working diligently towards gaining full licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Her pursuit of continuous growth and development reflects her dedication to her field and her clients.

What sets Jacquelle apart is her deeply rooted passion for addiction treatment and her unique approach to addressing the complex issues that contribute to substance use. Drawing from her experience in New Orleans, a city marked by trauma and grief, she focuses on understanding the underlying causes of continued substance use while simultaneously targeting co-occurring disorder symptoms. Her approach is both empathetic and practical, providing valuable support to individuals seeking recovery.

In her personal life, Jacquelle celebrates the impact of her small but close-knit family. Her mother's unwavering support and belief in her potential have played a pivotal role in shaping her confidence and determination. Jacquelle's diverse interests include painting, fashion, and exploring the world through travel. Over the past year, she has had the opportunity to visit captivating destinations such as Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Barbados, and the Bahamas, adding a rich tapestry of experiences to her life.

Genevieve Lovern

Primary Counselor

Genevieve Lovern, a compassionate Primary Counselor, originates from Abita Springs, Louisiana, and brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to her role.

Her academic journey has taken her to esteemed institutions, starting with the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in English and Creative Writing. She continued to expand her expertise at Louisiana State University, where she achieved a Master of Education in Counseling Education, specializing in Clinical Mental Health.

While Genevieve's education has equipped her with a solid foundation, she continues to evolve professionally, driven by her unwavering commitment to personal growth and lifelong learning.

Currently, her focus is on addiction treatment, an area that deeply resonates with her passion for working with trauma survivors. Early in her clinical journey, her professors placed her in an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for Substance Use Disorders (SUDs), sparking her dedication to helping individuals on their path to healing.

Genevieve's approach to addiction treatment is grounded in her belief that every person has the capacity to begin their healing journey with the right support and within the nurturing relationships forged through counseling and community. Her work embodies her commitment to service and her dedication to fostering growth and learning in herself and those she serves.

In her personal life, Genevieve's love for reading and creative writing shines through. She resides in Metairie, Louisiana, in the company of three adorable cats, and finds solace in the simple joys of sipping coffee and leisurely strolls through bookstores during her free time.

Benjamin Powell

Primary Counselor

Benjamin Powell, a Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor hailing from New Orleans, LA, holds a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Pace University in Pleasantville, New York.

Furthermore, he is on track to graduate with a Master of Science in Nonprofit Administration from Louisiana State University in Shreveport on October 24, 2023. Additionally, Benjamin has recently embarked on his Doctor of Healthcare Administration program at Virginia University of Lynchburg, commencing on September 04, 2023.

With an extensive background spanning over five years in mental health counseling, Benjamin specializes in serving both adolescent and adult populations across diverse settings, including residential care, psychiatric units, family therapy, juvenile rehabilitation, and substance abuse treatment centers.

His academic and professional focus revolves around the development and empirical testing of cognitive modifications, particularly for individuals diagnosed with various psychological disorders.

Benjamin is dedicated to improving treatment effectiveness by integrating multiple psychotherapy approaches with multimodal strategies, aiming to assess the efficacy of a comprehensive, multi-pronged therapeutic approach compared to conventional methods.Beyond his professional endeavors, Benjamin Powell is deeply engaged in nonprofit volunteerism.

Over the past decade, he has dedicated his time to serving urban communities in New Orleans, LA, Birmingham, AL, and Queens, NY. This hands-on experience has provided him with valuable insights into the challenges faced by marginalized communities and further fuels his commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Nicole Pichon

Nurse Practitioner

Hailing from Destrehan, Louisiana, Nicole Pichon is a dedicated Nurse Practitioner specializing in addiction treatment. She holds a portfolio of degrees, including RN, BSN, APRN, AGACNP-BC, earned through her educational journey at Charity School of Nursing, LSU, and the University of South Alabama.

Nicole's career path was driven by her deep compassion for individualized patient care during their most challenging moments. After 12 years in hospital and ICU settings, she sought a new path and found her calling at Avenues, an addiction treatment center.

Her personal connection to addiction, through her mother and brother's experiences, grants her unique empathy and insight.Nicole is committed to expanding her knowledge and providing exceptional care to those battling addiction.

In her personal life, she's a proud mother to 4-year-old Elliot and relishes sunny days and water-related activities, from the beach to the bayou. Quality time with family and friends completes her world.

Amy Wise

Primary Counselor

Amy Wise, a dedicated Primary Counselor, proudly hails from her hometown of Covington, Louisiana, with roots stretching back through five generations. Amy's life journey is a testament to her resilience, determination, and unwavering faith.

With a deep commitment to her family, she is a loving wife and mother of three children, whose ages range from 18 to 31. Amy's educational path took an inspiring turn when, at the age of 30, she obtained her GED and embarked on a new chapter in her life. Fueled by the desire for a better future, she and her best friend embarked on a journey to Delgado Community College, with a focus on nursing.

Amy's story is one of transformation and faith, as she credits her sobriety, which she has maintained for 14 years, to a divine intervention. Her sobriety date, August 26th, 2009, marks a turning point in her life, and she fully embraces her identity as a child of God.

Her career path reflects her deep passion for helping others, as she spent five years as a Case Manager at NAMI. Amy's journey to healing and recovery also led her to become a certified Peer Support Specialist. She has come full circle by sharing her experiences, speaking at jails and courthouses for eight years, and spreading the message of hope and transformation.

In her personal life, Amy and her husband, who have been together since they were 17, have entered a new phase as almost empty nesters. They share their home with an array of beloved pets, including two basset hounds, a white boxer, a new chocolate dachshund, and a cockatiel. Amy's interests span from drag races to culinary adventures, inspired by Food Network Restaurants. Her love for reading delves into topics related to the brain, trauma, and addiction.

Amy's dedication to her work and her passion for helping people find a path to recovery shine through in her role as a Primary Counselor. She firmly believes in meeting patients where they are on their journey, recognizing that every encounter has the potential to plant seeds of change. Amy's life journey is a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and the ability to create positive transformations.

If you really want to change your life and want to get clean and sober, this is the place! I went in very confused and very sick (still drunk). They kept a close eye on me, especially Miss Opal, to make sure I was going to be okay as I blew a .5 when I came in. Dr. J made sure I was medically safe and comfortable for my detox period and was very attentive to any negative side effects I had from medication.The staff is super friendly and helpful. They teach you how to communicate about your feelings and also how addiction works in the brain. They also do weekend outings to have some fun and blow off some steam. After completing the program I did have a relapse, but BECAUSE of this program and the tools they taught me I was able to dig my heels in the sand and start over. I now have almost 6 months sober, which I never thought was possible in my life! Thank you guys for literally saving my life



Avenues Recovery was an absolute life-changing experience for me! I went in a suicidal, hopeless, helpless shell of a man, praying for a ray of hope. I had absolutely no direction in life and needed nothing short of a miracle. The staff was SO friendly, caring, and genuinely encouraging. They show compassion with their actions and help the fainthearted find hope. It's amazing how much growth can happen in 28 days when awesome people instill loving humanity! I went in a wreck and left with hope, direction, and a full game plan which gives me confidence through attainable goals! I am now in long-term treatment with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart! I want to thank Dr. J, George, Donna, Mickey,Cassie, Ashley, Rob, Derek, Steve, Anthony, Britt, Amanda, Mr. C, Leana, Latoya, Saudi, Beyonce, Samantha, Erica, Ariel, Flo, Keisha, and Latasha. This all star staff needs recognition and I pray God blesses their kind hearts a hundred times over. Please forgive me if I left out any staff members, because they are all saints. I strongly recommend Avenues to the addicted community!



Townsend stands as an amazing experience for me. I wasn't sure what to expect upon intake, but I quickly realized the friendly and welcoming nature of each staff member. Kenny demonstrated empathy with kindness, while Mickey was the first to greet me and speak to me like a human being – not just a patient. Ms. Donna could not be a better Program Director showing utmost professionalism and fairness at every step. Dr. J is caring and truly listens to her patients' needs! I recommend this facility to anyone looking to embark on the best path their lives can take after addiction. I could not show more gratitude to each tech, nurse, counselor, or medical team member all whom made my stay comfortable and, so far, a complete success in my sobriety journey! Thank you!



Absolutely wonderful place to go, if you are serious about removing all mind altering substances.. They support a 12 step recovery program that actually works if you work it! The food is pretty good and you are guaranteed to gain weight while there.. I stayed for 30 days and am so grateful for the opportunity to have came to the facility and be taught the tools to live a healthy sober life.. They literally give you everything you need to succeed as long as you are willing to listen to the counselors advice/recommendations. They accept Medicaid and private insurance; so no money is no longer an excuse to not get your life together... The techs are so supportive and will literally go to the ends of the earth to make sure you are taken care of.. Most of the employees and counsellors are recovering addicts so they don't judge you or look down on you and know exactly what it feels like to be in your shoes. The rooms are cleaned every day as is the rest of the facility. The community is supportive and every one hopes for success in one another. Would definitely recommend family and friends to go if given the opportunity.



When checking into avenues at Townsend I was reluctant of the hospital setting, however that reservation quickly dissolved when I was formally introduced to the super supportive staff and the accommodations. I've been to other facilities for treatment and none have compared to the level of comfort and care this facility has to offer. From the girls intact office to the techs, nurses, councilors, and even the hospitality staff exemplied above and beyond care and commitment to the treatment process. The clinical director Donna quickly became a confidant and support for me and offers that to all that seek it. I couldn't recommend this treatment center enough for yourself or your loved ones.



Avenues gave me a experience of a life time the staff were nice and attentive. The nurses are very caring. They taught me tools I'm going to use for the rest of my life.



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